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Why choose personalized Buntings?

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Personalized Buntings have a multitude of uses. It can be used as an advertising tool in-store or outdoors. It can also be used as a personalized decoration for special occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Gender reveals and more.We have many other personalized buntings,such as vertical customized flag and horizontal customized flag,etc.

As our printed bunting is custom made to order, we can make lengths of bunting to any size, any pennant shapes, double sided bunting, all digitally printed to produce vivid and accurate colors. It can make a great impression when decorating an exhibition space, shop floor or outdoor event.

We produce Bunting on a range of different materials, each one has its quality so we have a Bunting type to suit your display needs.
• Material:
100% knitted polyester, fanflag 80g 100% spun polyester, more than 40 different kinds of fabrics available.
• Print Technology:
Screen printing, Digital printing, Heat transfer (Dye sublimation)
• Color fastness:
7 or up level
• Color Penetration:
95%-100% on most fabrics
• After Treatment:
Fire Retardant (B1 certificate), Water Repellence & coating, UV resistance, Anti-Static, Fluorescence Treatment
• Size:
Customized length and size
Getting some personalized bunting means that you can create your own unique length of bunting to really set yourself apart from the competition or design some fabulous bunting for that special occasion.

Looking for great deals and discounts on Bunting? We’re here to help you get the most savings with the best quality! Check out our website and send us email via [email protected] to learn about your options and get the design process started! You can find good items to satisfy your need!
We have many other personalized buntings,such as vertical customized flag and horizontal customized flag,etc.If you need to contact the manufacturer.

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