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Which Flag Is Right For Me?

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Polyester Flags – Best for High Winds

Polyester flags are heavy duty flags built for mariners, sea breezes and tough weather. These two-ply flags can withstand high winds and daily use and abuse. Keep in mind that it’s “heavy” duty, so it’s too heavy for a house mounted flagpole.


The polyester sports flag is more lightweight and transparent than the polyester used for our other flags.


Like sports flags, decorative flags are made with lightweight polyester. However, decorative flags are not as transparent as sports flags. These flags can have a soft, burlap, or even suede-like finish.
All outdoor flags are made with the highest quality materials and enhanced to withstand sun, dirt and moisture.

Woven Polyester Flags – Highest quality for hard environment

One way to find out if it’s knit or woven is to test how it stretches. Because knit fabric is made from one continuous thread (much like the one continuous yarn in handknitting), it stretches all over. Woven fabrics, on the other hand, will only stretch diagonally or as a sewer might say, on the bias. To test, grab the fabric in question and pull it gently from side to side, top to bottom, diagonally. Does it stretch easily in all directions? If so, it’s probably a knit fabric. If you can only get a bit of stretch diagonally, it’s probably a woven fabric.

For a flag to be used for a long time outside, we suggest Spun Polyester with a weight of 180g. Its mesh fabric allows for great air permeability – perfect for long-term outdoor use. This material uses a fabric made from a polyester thread spun together from 2 or more single lines of thread.

Satin Flag – Vintage Style/Indoor decoration

The main difference between silk and satin is that the former is a raw material, while the latter is a weaving pattern. Satin texture is characterized by a shiny, lustrous front and a duller back. It’s manufactured by floating warp yarns across the weft before passing under a single weft thread.

Like sateen, satin material can be produced using various fibers with long filaments, such as silk, polyester, and nylon. The final product is durable and drapes beautifully, which is why it is often used in fashion products.
Having said that, a satin weave created with cotton, which is generally a short staple yarn, is technically sateen.

CQFlag Made Flags – The Easy Choice

Our flags are 100% manufactured of the highest possible quality that basic on EU, USA, and Japan standard and technology. Buying a flag from CQ not only helps support the your own business or event but also ensures that you receive an exceptional product from the finest materials. Low-cost options are usually constructed of materials that fall apart quickly and need more frequent replacements. Choosing CQFlag is the easy choice.

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