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Wall Banner

2022-08-10 Page view : 54 views

Do you heard the flag sticking on the wall? We can produce one of flags which it can be stuck on the wall. The name of the flag is wall banner.

The wall banner is different from other flags. The shape of them are different from other flags. The shape of it is the trapezoid. The original shape of other flags is square or rectangle. So the shape is the big difference between them! When you see it, you should be impressive to it.

Where can you see these flag? They can be used in the supermarket, cinema, and zoo and so on. So the use of them is extensive. You can use them anywhere you want to.

There are three kinds of flags: Deluxe version, Premium version and classic version. Banners can be single layer or double sided. The shape of them are teardrop or customized. The material for this kind of banner is also different, it is 100% polyester or PVC. You can choose one of them to produce the flag. We will use the best quality of the material to produce the flag. You can give any artwork you like, and we will also give the best suggestion to tell you how to adjust the artwork to make the flag be better.

I can give you some pictures to make you choose. You hope you can find your favorite flag between them. Please see the picture as below:

If you are interested in them, you can contact us via email: [email protected]. We are always online.

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