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Stylish Banner System – Stand out in front of the crowd!

2022-08-31 Page view : 49 views

Stylish Banners are useful in highlighting key information to customers, such as new product arrivals, new collection launches, flash sales, or campaigns. Combined with a base plate, cross base or a ground spike, Stylish Banner System is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its innovation construction guarantees fast installation.

Stylish Banner is a cool tool that lets you create personalized banners in minutes using banner templates. With this tool, you’ll be able to:
• Create customized banners easily to decorate your shop page or custom page
• Edit image and text within the banner template to convey your message effectively
• Enhance the attractiveness of your shop
• Capture customers’ attention more effectively
• Drive higher conversion rates
We have templates like Leaf Banner, Shark Banner, Cup Banner, Lantern Banner and Crystal Banner as below.

Templates Specification Accessories
Leaf Banner Display height: 284cmBanner size: 91x262cm
Shark Banner High Display height: 338cmBanner size: 74x300cm
Shark Banner Wide Display height: 275cmBanner size: 100x240cm
Cup Banner Display height: 308cmBanner size: 137.5x202cm
Lantern Banner Display height: 230cmBanner size: 76x96x144cm
Crystal Banner Display height: 259cmBanner size: 110x172cm

We offer flexible selection in size and material, with the numerous promotions, we’re here to help you get the most savings with best quality!
Check out our website or send us email via [email protected] to learn about your options and get the design process started! You can find good items to satisfy your need!

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