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Stretch Banner – Suitable for indoor and outdoor promotion

2022-08-31 Page view : 31 views

Stetch banners are direct forms of advertisement which allow you to create your message directly in the eyes of the passerby. For indoor or outdoor use they will collect attention for your product, event or company.

Ready Made can be done up to all of your specifications and wishes.

Stretchbanners with extra strong fabric at back and eyelets

• Material:
1: 100% knitted polyester, 100% woven( spun) polyester, 100% nylon, more than 40 different kinds of fabrics avaiable.
2: PVC material
• Print Technology:
Screen printing, Digital printing, Heat transfer (Dye sublimation)
• Color fastness:
6-7 level
• Color Penetration:
95%-100% on most fabrics
• Size:
80x200cm, 100x300cm, 120x500cm or custom sizes
• Accessories:
Metal eyelets, ropes, elastic rubbers, clips, wooden sticks and so on
• After Treatment:
Fire Retardant (B1 certificate), Water Repellence & coating, UV resistance, Anti-Static, Fluorescence Treatment
We also have other banners such as indoor advertising banner with alumium pole and indoor advertising banner with wooden pole,etc.
We offer flexible selection in size and material, with the numerous promotions, we’re here to help you get the most savings with best quality!

Check out our website or send us email via [email protected] to learn about your options and get the design process started! You can find good items to satisfy your need!

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