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Six Reasons To Buy Flags Online 2022

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Online purchases tend to be the go-to option for many folks these days. It’s no secret that ECOMMERCE IS BOOMING. Not only is it convenient, but it’s often more predictable, as you aren’t as likely to have to worry about long lines or empty shelves.

There are a lot of questions you might have when buying online. Will your purchase arrive at your home in optimal condition? What about shipping times and packaging methods? Will the product look as good as it does online?

When it comes to purchasing your next American flag, you needn’t struggle or hem and haw over your purchase. There are certain checklist items to cross off that will lead you to a flag you can fly with every ounce of your patriotic pride.

Why Should I Buy Flags Online?
When buying an American flag, there are two critical factors to focus on—quality and simple elegance. The American flag doesn’t need to be “flashy.” It’s a national icon. It’s the most highly recognized flag in the entire world. That means there is no shortage of flag iconography and flags themselves that are available at the click of a button.

While our flag might be a timeless and enduring symbol of national pride, some big box companies and manufacturers don’t treat the flag with the honor it demands. You have to consider things like manufacturing techniques, the quality of materials, and where your flag was made (and especially who made the flag).

The question then becomes: What sets the best flags apart?

1. They’re American-Sourced
America is a country unlike any other. We have historically put a tremendous amount of pride and effort into our domestically produced goods. From life-saving medical equipment to iconic art, quality has always been a top priority of American-made products.

That being said, over the last several decades, outsourcing has become a major and widespread practice in the manufacturing industry. This allows us to produce things faster and cheaper. It also means that things are made with cheap materials that weather and degrade more quickly.

Look for flags that are handmade in America from 100% American-sourced materials. No corners cut. No threads overlooked.

2. They’re High-Quality
We don’t believe that cheaper is better. Not when it comes to materials, and not when it comes to America’s flag. Every flag should be meticulously crafted with care and given a thorough quality check by professional seamstresses.

BETSY ROSS didn’t do sloppy work. When the Founding Fathers came to her requesting a flag, she delivered a banner worthy of our great nation. It’s a mindset that we seek to emulate today, even centuries later. After all, taking pride in a job well done will never go out of style.

When you buy flags online, you’re not limited to the chain stores in your town. Buying online allows you to access goods that represent your values; the sky’s the limit.

3. They’re Durable
Flags are more durable now than ever. Throughout the earlier history of our nation, flags used to be composed of wool or cotton. It wasn’t until the late 1930s, with THE ADVENT OF NYLON FABRIC, that they began making the durable, weather-resistant flags that we know today.

Nylon became the go-to synthetic fabric for outdoor use during World War II. Ever since then, it has been essential in everything from extremely sturdy paracord to women’s stockings.

Looking for a flag that is as durable as possible? We have the answers and the flags you are looking for.

4. They’re Handsewn
We don’t want computer-automated machines to make our flags.

At Allegiance Flag Supply, each one of our flags is hand-stitched in South Carolina by THIRD-GENERATION SEAMSTRESSES, who have spent years honing their craft. As machines and outsourcing have cost many skilled artisans their jobs, we feel that it is of paramount importance to keep the American way alive.

As patriots ourselves, we only employ those with the drive and skill to provide you with the highest quality product available.

5. They Give Back To Non-Profit Partners
Allegiance Flag Supply is a proud partner with several NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS that have devoted themselves to bettering the lives of the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

When you purchase a flag, you want to be putting resources in the hands of dedicated American workers, as well as helping give aid to those in need. We are the United States of America, and we have a duty to those who protect our freedoms. Your contributions will always go directly to benefit the citizens of this great country whose flag you aim to fly.

6. They’re American-Made
All of our flags are made right here in the USA. Everything is sourced domestically. That means our flags are made by Americans, for Americans, and everything from our nylon fabric to our VERMONT WHITE ASH FLAGPOLE is made right here on this country’s soil.

It is our duty and our responsibility as members of this nation to make sure that America’s ensign is made with care and treated with the reverence that it is owed. That can’t happen if it is made by cut-rate materials on the other side of the planet.

Feel free to contact us for a quote or order at any time: [email protected]

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