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School Banner Flag

2022-11-14 Page view : 22 views

Back-to-school season is here and fall is just around the corner. Whether you’re a teacher or just love the back-to-school season, the School Banner Flag is the perfect outdoor decoration.

Banner flags are designed to hang vertically, making them perfect for displaying outside your school. Manufactured from heavy-duty, weather-resistant polyester, these flags are durable and feature vibrant colors.

Horizontal flags can also be a fine option. With short side hoisted on the flagpole, the size of the flag may vary with the size of the flagpole. They can come with attached metal eyelets or D-rings for easy hanging.

Double-sided triangle flags are another good choice for decoration of your school. With silver blockout-inner-layer fabric in the middle (100% close for light from backside), we can print different patterns on both sides as well.
We produce high quality flags according to your specifications. More than 40 different kinds of fabric available, with different print technology, you will have what you need.

On most of our fabrics, we are able to penetrate perfectly to the reverse side of the flag. Rich and brilliant colors, best quality is our profession!

These great flag are available at discounted prices, so be sure to check them all out! Find our website and send us email via [email protected] to learn about your options and get the design process started! You can find good items to satisfy your need!

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