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Outdoor Advertising Flag – Flag Extender

2022-09-23 Page view : 58 views

Make your flag always open without flag pole arm outside, flag extender, it is a very unique and useful tool. The system can be easily assembled in a few seconds to let your flag open.

• Installation is quick and easy, no need for tools
• Total visibility of the flags irrespective of the wind conditions
• Available for all flag sizes
• Suitable for all types of flagpoles
• Can be reused when flags are changed
• Competitive price
• Light for transportation

Below is the detail for flag extender,

Available flag width:
-100cm (39.37”)
-120cm (47.24”)
-150cm (59.06”)
System components:
• 1 Aluminum tube
• 1 Carbon fiber rod
Assembly steps:
1.Lay the flag out on a dry and clean surface
2.Insert the aluminum tube with the closed side down into the sleeve at the flag pole side of the flag
3.Insert the carbon fiber rod first into the aluminum tube at the flag pole side and with the rounded tip afterwards into the sleeve at the top edge of the flag
4.Hoist the flag as usual
Diagrams below for step 2 and 3.

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