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Moving your message all around with our Car flags

2022-08-10 Page view : 55 views

Car flags are most popularly used as a way for car dealerships to decorate their lot. Many dealerships use a car window flag on every car to create an attractive display that draws attention.

The poles we use on our car flags are very strong and durable, which makes them a good choice for this application.

Our Carlfags come completely with flag holder.
Easy installed in seconds, made of proven flag fabrics.
No addiditional hardware is needed.
In all dimensions, forms and variations.
We fulfill all wishes.
Available as Classic or Premium system.

Car window Teardrop
Size: 26cm x 60cm

Flag pole classic
45cm height/ 26g

Flag pole premium
55cm height/ 69g

These are amazing car flags for vehicles with the patented Flag Saver, a tether system that keeps your flag attached to your car. We also offer very competitive pricing since we are the direct importer and designer for this product.

Check out our website or send us email via [email protected] to learn about your options and get the design process started! You can find good items to satisfy your need!

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