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Beachflag BAA

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CQFlag produces customized flags with aluminum structure (Beachflag BAA) suitable for all uses. Beach flags are used in the most various sectors, from setting up events and exhibitions, to fairs, points of sale and promotional corners. The customized flag is printed in digital sublimation without limits of colors or graphics and is packaged with a tunnel of elastic tape(white or black) for the insertion of the pole. The printed flag can be made on nautical flag fabric or mesh fabric.

Mesh fabric
Flag fabric (knitted polyester)

The printed beach flags are customized not only in graphics but also in shape. You can choose between different flag formats and frame sizes. A lot of shape and size are available: standard beachflag, round beachflag, beachflag angle, beachflag wind. In the drop flagpole variant the following formats are available: beachflag wing, beach flag bow, beachflag drop. In the classic format for institutional flags with rectangular flagpoles, the format available is: beachflag rectangular.

Beachflag BAA Wind
Beachflag BAA Standard
Beachflag BAA Angle
Beachflag BAA Drop

Bechflag BAA FrameDifferent bases for customized beach flags BAA are available depending on the use and positioning of the flag. The beach flags can be used both indoors and outdoors. In case of wind the structure is free to rotate thanks to the lower damping system. The bases available are the following: ground spike, floodable black base, cross base, water weight, flat steel plate.

Crossbase Beachflag BAA
Ground spike Beachflag BAA
Flat steel base Beachflag BAA
Water weight Beachflag BAA

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